Is the HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ a doomsday seedbank?
No. The HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ does not function as a doomsday seedbank where seeds are stored for retrieval when all other seeds are destroyed. It also does not act as a retailer of seeds. The HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ utilises the KOSMEUM multi-blockchain technology platform to create and activate the required processes and facilitate the seed information gathering, securing and making data available to authorised network users. The HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ is a localised seed storage service for local communities to utilise and to protect the varieties of seeds so that they do not become EXTINCT.
The HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ is for seeds as a library is for books and other literary items.
Why do partners require certification?
Certified Seed Partners (CSP) are highly trained to create and process smart contracts that facilitate a HIPPOCRATIC ARK™ Information eXchange (HIX) transactions within the blockchain technology.
How do I get a smart contract?
You must visit any local Certified Seed Partner (CSP) who is trained to assist in the creation of a smart contract.